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Top 5 Pets Easy to Take Care Of

Most people would really like to have a pet but they are afraid they won’t have enough time to take properly care of their new friend. Specialists have made a list of 5 pets easy to take care of.

5. Birds

Birds are quite easy to take care of since they don’t need too much space and are really friendly. However, they might get a bit loud when they want to show affection towards you. You can choose from species such as budgerigars, parrots or even canaries. Canaries are the easiest to handle and they don’t necessarily need to be in couple, so you can buy only one. Make sure your birds are in a well lit room, far away from the windows and clean them weekly. And remember: moisture is their biggest enemy.

4. Turtle

When it comes to turtles, you can choose either choose a carnivorous or a herbivorous one. You also have to decide whether you want a turtle or a tortoise. You can read some more on the differences between them and what it involves having them as pets here.

3. Lizards

Lizards can definitely be pets easy to take care of. It seems like bearded dragons are the friendliest of all lizard species. They are also the most common pet lizards. They like to be touched and petted, so they are ideal for a family with kids. Make sure it has enough space, you can decide what enough means based on its size. Specialist claim that if you it is 25-30 cm long, the terrarium should be about 60-90 l. Don’t forget to put a cover to it, or you pet will get away. An adult lizard’s diet is mainly vegetarian. It will surely like worms, crickets, carrot, dandelion – that’s its favorite-, pumpkin and fruit. Once in a few days you’ll have to give it some special reptile supplement.

2. Tarantula

Tarantulas are more and more popular pets in the US. What makes them easy to take care of? They cost little money, they don’t need special conditions, you don’t have to take them out for a walk and they don’t make a mess either. They only need a terrarium with holes in the cover and walls for airing, some flower soil, fresh water and some food once or twice weekly. Should you forget to feed it, don’t worry. It can go up to a month with no food. Buy it some food in pet shops: worms, flies, crickets, young hamsters, small fish.

1. The easiest pets to take care of: fish

Fish seem to be the easiest pets to take care of. If you spend more time at the office than at home but you need a ‘companion’ to calm you down after an agitated day, fish are just the perfect pets for you. They an be left home alone, don’t need as much affection as other pets, don’t make noise and there is a colorful variety of species you can choose from. Read here what you need to know bout fish care.

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