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Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland

Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland is a safari park spread in an area of 105 ha. It is situated in the vicinity of the small town of Kingussie, in Highland region. Are you fascinated by endangered animal species? If yes, this place is definitely for you. By visiting it you’ll see the representatives of the Scottish fauna and not only. Make a visit and discover deer, squirrels, Scottish Wildcats, yaks and so much more. Don’t miss any of them, really. Should you visit  the park, you’ll be able to see Victoria, the only female polar bear in the UK. And guess what: she might even be pregnant. Moreover, the birds of the Highland Wildlife Park are just as fascinating as […]

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Scandinavian Wildlife Park: Home of Polar Bears

Scandinavian Wildlife Park, or Skandinavisk Dyrepark as locals know it, has first become known thanks to Siku, the abandoned polar bear cub. The park lies in Kolind on 45 ha and is home for over 300 animals from 21 species. History of the Scandinavian Wildlife Park Skandinavisk Dyrepark from Denmark opened its gates in 1994. Although at that time the they only had six species of Scandinavian deer, visitors kept flowing in. A year later the Wildlife Park became a bit richer. The Scandinavian version of Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer moved to the park and offered some real fun: sledge rides. Over the years, the park has received numerous awards for the extraordinary conditions it provides its animals. Fauna of […]

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wild animals in the wild

Top 5 places to admire wild animals in the wild

For all those crazy about watching wild animals in the wild, we definitely have some great news: there has been made a list with the top places you could go to admire those lovely creatures to. Lets see which  are your dream destinations. 1. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania The northern part of Tanzania offers more places to watch wild animals in the wild than any other region in the world. Not only Serengeti National Park, but also the Ngorongono Crater are well-known spots where you can find the so called Big 5: lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards and rhinos. The term Big 5 was given to these species by some group of hunters from Africa. 2. Bandhavgarh National Park, India Tigers […]

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