dog memory

Dog Memory, Similar to Ours

The short term dog memory of around five minutes is in stark contrast with that of a cat’s 16 hours. However, dogs can still learn words and gestures for a lifetime. They also recognize their owner even if it doesn’t see them for a longer period.  This is mostly because they can remember both the look and the smell of their owner. Studies have shown that dogs’ memory is very similar to our memory. This is the reason they can copy our behaviour and act similarly later on. Declarative Dog Memory Dogs have been proven to have what we call declarative memory, meaning they can consciously recall memories. Dog owners had noticed such behaviour but there was no proof of […]

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How to train your hamster?

Hamsters are highly sociable animals which become easily attached to their owner. Since your hamster wants to please you and also likes snacks, it will probably learn some tricks to impress you. You just need to be really patient and perseverant and have some sunflower seeds. The progress is similar to that in case of a dog, however, hamsters don’t respond too well to punishment, so you’d better stick to motivating with snacks. Don’t forget that hamsters are crepuscular – they are most active in the evening. You shouldn’t work with them when they are sleepy, as they might even become violent. Knowing all these, you can start the first step of the training: the taming of your hamster. Taming […]

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cat on leash

Walk your cat on a leash!

Have you ever wondered how some people teach their cat to walk on a leash? Well, although it’s not an extremely easy job, you could try it, too. I’m sure you would succeed. All you need is some time and patience. And your cat, of course. Lets find out tips and steps of walking your cat on a leash together. Choose the appropriate leash To give your cat the most comfort possible, you must choose a leash matching its dimensions. With the ideal leash your cat can move freely, without being limited. You should put it a fitting harness, too, so that it can’t free itself with a sudden movement. To find the ideal leash and harness measure your cat’s […]

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