animal culture

Animal Culture – Can You Understand It?

Animal culture is a proven phenomenon nowadays. The fact that you can’t understand them is another matter. However, that doesn’t make them less valuable. Animals, unlike some human, are able to build a civilized society based on rules. The first to discover signs of any animal culture is the one living close to them. In a zoo in the UK, zookeepers’ attention has been drawn to a strange gesture. Monkeys living together with mandrills kept putting their hands on their eyes. The odd thing was that light wasn’t that bright in that area. Mark Laidre, researcher at Berkeley University considers that this is a warning sign for other monkeys not to bother them. Although zookeepers had known about this behaviour […]

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dog barking at cars

5 Reasons Dogs Bark at Cars

Barking at moving cars is one of all dogs’ favourite games. Most dogs are able to detect in advance an approaching car. Moreover, they can even recognize particular cars. See below 5 reasons why dogs bark at cars. 1. Defending their territory Dogs have territories. And they love defending it. They are very protective of the house they live in and the garden, their food, toys, beds, everything. Once a car is approaching its territory, it will start barking to warn the car. When the car passes by your house and goes away, your dog will understand it as its own success. It was them, who made the ‘potencial intruder’ go away. Make sure you make it clear to your […]

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Dolphins, the first species we could communicate with

We have all seen Dr. Dolittle, talking to all those animals, understanding them, forming a special connection with them. We have all envied him as well, haven’t we? Well, I have some great news for you: dolphins could be the first animal species people could communicate with. They would be our perfect chat partners, according to studies conducted on this highly intelligent species. Some scientists seem to have gone too far, though In the 60’s, neurologist John Lilly made a series of suspicious experiments at the Communication Research Institute. He ended up even giving LSD to the animals in an attempt to break their communication code. Moreover, he and his assistant, Margaret Howe, moved a dolphin to a specially flooded […]

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