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How long can you leave your pet alone?

Have you ever wondered how long you can leave your pet alone at home for? After how long does it start to affect him? Well, it definitely depends on the species, so read up here on your favourite pet’s needs.

Even with enough food and water, most of the companion animal species are social creatures, so they can’t go for too long without their owners.

1. Dogs

As social as dogs are, they definitely can’t take to be alone for too long. Left alone, they will end up eating all their food in a short time and then just starve.
Moreover, adult dogs need to be taken out for a walk at least twice daily. In the case of puppies and adult dogs it goes up to three times a day.
Should you leave your pet alone, you might get back home to a nasty situation. Dogs can destroy your furniture, carpet or even your plants. Your neighbours are likely to get upset by the continuous barking, as well.
In case you need to leave for a longer period, you ought to take your dog to someone you trust.

2. Cats

Adult cats are usually quite independent, so they can spend up to three days without you. Make sure you leave them the necessary amount of water and food and there should be no problem. Older cats and kitties need someone to look after them, though.

3. Birds

Birds are social animals, too, so they can’t really be left alone for more than a day. Ask a friend or neighbour, if you have to but don’t leave your pet alone. Getting agitated because of their loneliness, they can spill out their food and water.

4. Fish

Compared to other pets, fish can be left alone for a considerably longer period of time. If your fishtank has a lighting system and an automatic feeding system, they can survive on their own as long as that can ensure their food. Watch out for power  outages, though. If the water filtering system goes down, they can end up dead after a few days. Check out some good systems here.

5. Rodents

Hamsters, Guinea pigs, gerbils and other pet rodents start getting bored after three days. A same species companion doesn’t seem to help either.
They can get dehydrated, should they spill their water, so you might consider buying some water dispenser so that you avoid such tragedies.
If you are away for more than three days, ask someone to stop by and change their bedding.

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