How to train your hamster?

Hamsters are highly sociable animals which become easily attached to their owner. Since your hamster wants to please you and also likes snacks, it will probably learn some tricks to impress you. You just need to be really patient and perseverant and have some sunflower seeds. The progress is similar to that in case of a dog, however, hamsters don’t respond too well to punishment, so you’d better stick to motivating with snacks. Don’t forget that hamsters are crepuscular – they are most active in the evening. You shouldn’t work with them when they are sleepy, as they might even become violent. Knowing all these, you can start the first step of the training: the taming of your hamster.

Taming your hamster

Training only works when your hamster is tamed and accepts to be held and taken out from the cage. Put your washed hand in its cage ot terrarium and let it smell your hand. You should have your palm facing up and maybe a sunflower seed as a reward for coming close. Don’t make any sudden movements and don’t push your hamster too much. Even though they have relatively short lives, hamsters need time to get used to to new conditions and actions. In case you have just got your hamster, don’t take it out for a few days. It needs some time in its new home.

Training your hamster

As soon as your hamster comes to your hand in its cage, it has already learned its first trick. You can associate sitting in your palm with the word ‘come’ and then you can teach it to ‘stand’ by holding a sunflower seed above its head. Seeds are great motivators but you should repeat the trick until the hamster does it without any reward.
After getting used to learning, you can teach it how to ‘roll’. Put a seed on its back and it will certainly roll to get it. Once it does it without the seed, give it to it afterwards.

After a few months of taming and training, you can easily take your hamster with you on your shoulder or in your pocket. This way all your friends can admire your training skills and your little pet-friend’s agility.

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