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Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland

Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland is a safari park spread in an area of 105 ha. It is situated in the vicinity of the small town of Kingussie, in Highland region. Are you fascinated by endangered animal species? If yes, this place is definitely for you.

By visiting it you’ll see the representatives of the Scottish fauna and not only. Make a visit and discover deer, squirrels, Scottish Wildcats, yaks and so much more. Don’t miss any of them, really. Should you visit  the park, you’ll be able to see Victoria, the only female polar bear in the UK. And guess what: she might even be pregnant.

Moreover, the birds of the Highland Wildlife Park are just as fascinating as the mammals. From the Eurasian crane to the Great Grey Owl and Snowy Owl you’ll see a very wide range of bird species.

History of Highland Wildlife Park

Founded in 1972, Highland Wildlife Park has been in the administration of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland since 1986. In the 80’s the safari park became famous for having a puma captured by a local farmer. The feline lived the rest of its life in the park and can now be seen (stuffed, of course) in the Iverness Museum in Iverness.

Furthermore, the park has also been known for having Kellas cat, a species met in the Celtic mythology. In 2007, the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland decided to have other species than those specific to the Scottish Highland, as well. That was the time when, for example, yaks and Japanese Macaque appeared in Highland Wildlife Park.

Opening times and prices

Highland Wildlife Park is open on every day of the year but one: December 25, and can be visited as far as weather makes it possible. Opening times depend on the periods of the year. On snowy days you should call the park before going there. You might not be able to enter after all.

Dog owners, be aware: you can’t take your dog out of your car inside the park. You’d better left it home.

The price of tickets vary very much on the number of persons that are about to enter the park. Moreover, it probably changes periodically, so for updated information you should check the website of Highland Wildlife Park here.

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