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First 3 Duckling Care Steps

Ducklings, as any other recently hatched or newborn animals, need a warm home in a safe environment and food. These will help them to grow big and healthy. Here are a few duckling care steps to follow to have some strong, happy ducklings.

Duckling Care Step #1: Give them a Home

24 hours after having hatched, your little ducklings are ready to move into their new home. Give them a box or terrarium and they will be perfectly happy. They need heat, so isolation is quite important; don’t choose a box with too many holes in it. Pad the box with some wood or an old towel. Avoid using slippery materials such as newspaper or plastic surfaces. Your ducklings are going to be a bit clumsy in the first few weeks and they might get hurt when slipping and falling down, so don’t risk using unsafe materials.
Furthermore, install a heat source to their new home. Ducklings need to get used to the cool environment outside the egg. Take a look at these special lamps. Make sure it is not too close to the ducklings, as they might overheat or even burn themselves. Watch your animals’ reaction. If they are gathered all together close to the lamp, they are probably cold. Being spread all over the box, having difficulty breathing, they are definitely way too hot.

Duckling Care Step #2: Give them plenty of Water and Food

Your duckling, although not right after hatching, will obviously need some food. They can eat crumbs and special duck food you can buy here. You might want to add some water to their food, especially if you see them struggling with eating.

Don’t panic if they don’t eat right away, though. As I have already mentioned, ducklings wouldn’t eat in the first 24 hours. The explication is quite simple: they are still using up nutrients from the egg-yolk in this period.

Water is just as important to them as food. Try using a not too deep but not too shallow water recipient for your ducklings. They need to be able to sink their beak in the water. Moreover, they like to clean their nozzles with it. However, they might get drown. Should you be worried their water is too deep, try putting some pebbles in it.

Duckling Care Step #3: Avoid any other Food

It is crucial to feed your duckling with special duck food and avoid anything else. You can give them some chopped fruit or vegetables but that should never be their main food. Bread and chicken food don’t have enough nutrients for ducks. Never use food with medicines because they can cause severe organ damage.


Ducklings – and all baby animals – need a safe place with lots of food and water. If they get them, you will see that your curious, playful ducklings will be walking and swimming in no time.

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