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Favourite Pet Parrot: the Budgerigar

My very first pet was a happy budgerigar couple. I will remember their livid feathers and sweet chirping for ever.  As any parrot, they were one of the best pets possible. Why are budgerigars and most parrot species such great companions? Well, they don’t smell, don’t need too much space and they can be kept in the house.

A few words about parrot keeping

If you’d like to have a parrot and it is going to be your family’s very first pet, you should probably start with a less sensitive species. You could get a budgerigar or a nymph parrot, for instance.  They are both endemic to Australia but are more and more widely spread as pets all around the world.

It is the best to chose a younger bird, as they can accommodate more easily. Furthermore, they are a lot easier to tame. For older animals it is a lot more difficult to get used to a new environment. Parrots are quite sociable, so buying at least to birds is definitely going to be a great idea.

Giving them a home will be pretty easy for sure, as you can buy all kind of cages in pet shops. You should pay attention to one aspect, though: size. Don’t buy a small cage, especially if you are not planning on letting your parrots out too often. They need an optimal space to be able to move around. You should clean the cage as often as you can and disinfect it monthly.

Parrots love taking baths. If they have a bowl of water in their cage, they are less likely to start tearing their feathers. You should also let them out in the room from time to time. Before that, make sure you have closed all the doors and windows. Watch out for certain objects such as books, for instance. They like to land on them and they might destroy them.

Parrot feeding

Food your parrot is going to need depends on its species. For those eating seeds, like budgerigars, it is quite simple: you can buy them seeds from pet shops. You should chose those with vitamins, since deficiency can cause a series of illnesses. Your parrots can get their vitamins from fruit and vegetables, too. However, make sure you remove the seeds. Try giving them banana, apple, cherry, carrot, cucumber, lettuce etc.

Your parrots will also need minerals. For this you could give them a mix of cheese, apple, boiled rice. This is going to give them the protein they need. As most parrots like it, you could put the mineral drops in this food. Make sure you always make it right before giving it to them. It should be fresh enough.

In pet shops you can find all kind of feeders in which you can put food for a few days. Although this seems like a good idea, you should know that your parrots don’t really know how to save up for later. They are most likely going to spread the seeds all over the cage and the area next to it. If you want to make some economy, you should blow out the husk from their feeder and give them back the good seeds.

Moreover, make sure you don’t have any plants close to the cage. Your parrots will try to eat it and they shouldn’t.

Last but not least, your parrots need fresh water. Don’t forget to change it for them daily. You can put their vitamin and mineral drops in the water, too. Just make sure you have the right kind.



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