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Dogs vs. Cats, Part I: Cat People Claim


Are you a dog person or rather a cat-holic? Whichever category you fit into, I’m sure you have your good reasons. A study involving 200 people concluded that individuals who preferred dogs were more extrovert, while those in favour of cats proved to be more independent. People have been asked about their personalities and the pet species they owned. The study showed that these persons’ personalities were similar to that of their pet’s.
Wherever you go, you will always find people on both sides. Lets see what those in favour of cats think.

Pros of having a cat, as opposed to owning a dog

1. Cats will use their litter box whenever they need. Dogs, on the other hand, need to be taken outside.
2. Cats clean themselves, while dogs have to be washed, which they are often not too happy about.
3. You can let your cat out, it will come back on its own. If a dog gets away, you will have to chase it for hours.
4. Cats love people who care for them. Dogs love everyone, regardless whether they are a thief, if they get a piece of meat from them.
5. Cats will great you with a ‘meow’ and some rubbing to your feet. Dogs will jump on you and nearly knock you down.
6. Cats are clean when eating. Dogs will make a mess in the whole house and yard.
7. Cats are native talents in deciding what is good to eat. Dogs just eat everything.
8. If you are sick, your cat will sit in your lap and try to make you better. A dog will just expect you to take it out and play with it even if you are seriously ill.
9. Cats manage mouse population around your house. Dogs only manage buried leftovers.
10. Cats don’t destroy, whereas dogs chew everything: slippers, furniture, kid toys, anything they find.

These are a few reasons some people would choose cats over dogs. Would you like to find out some further secrets about cats? Take a look here. 

To find out what those in favour of dogs think, check out part II as well.

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