Dog Saved Cat by Donating Blood

It’s common knowledge that dogs and cats don’t get along. Moreover, they are real enemies. However, this dog and cat definitely challenge this stereotype.

New Zealander dog gave blood to a cat

A cat in New-Zealand had eaten some rat poison and got into a critical condition. Its owners realized it and took it to the vet. However, there wasn’t enough time to wait for lab work and look for a donor, so they had to come up with a solution. This time (as in most cases) the solution was a dog, the Labrador Retriever of a close friend. Luckily the dog and the cat shared the same blood type, so blood transfusion was possible. Otherwise, the cat would have died. Getting this lucky is extremely rare, especially when it comes to two different species.

Thanks to the help of the Lab, the cat got better soon and made a full recovery. According to its owner, this whole situation might sound crazy but the life of their beloved pet was saved. I can only imagine what that must have meant for them.

Although not as common as with people, blood transfusion saves a great number of animals every year. A single donation can save two or three lives. The blood canĀ  be processed into different products such as fresh frozen plasma or packed red blood cells. If you want your pet to be a donor, to be able to save the life of other similar pets, make sure you talk to your veterinarian. They will be able to tell you exactly have to do.


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