highland wildlife park

Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland

Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland is a safari park spread in an area of 105 ha. It is situated in the vicinity of the small town of Kingussie, in Highland region. Are you fascinated by endangered animal species? If yes, this place is definitely for you. By visiting it you’ll see the representatives of the Scottish fauna and not only. Make a visit and discover deer, squirrels, Scottish Wildcats, yaks and so much more. Don’t miss any of them, really. Should you visit  the park, you’ll be able to see Victoria, the only female polar bear in the UK. And guess what: she might even be pregnant. Moreover, the birds of the Highland Wildlife Park are just as fascinating as […]

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wolf behavior

Introduction to Wolf Behavior

Wolves’ senses differ a lot from that of other related species and this defines a particular way of acting in a wide range of situations. Let’s see some aspects of wolf behavior and what could be behind it. How wolves’ senses work Wolves have a relatively weak sense of smell compared to that of certain hunting dogs. Wolves can smell carrion from 1.2-1.8 miles. Although they can easily find and follow rabbit trails, they can’t really catch any. Still, wolves held in captivity are able to smell what their owner has eaten. Moreover, wolves’ hearing is very sharp. They can even hear the sound of falling leaves. They are able to hear sound with a frequency of 26 kHz, which […]

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iguana care

Take Good Care of Your Iguana

Iguanas, these pretty awkward pets, are not that easy to take care of. Furthermore, unfortunately there isn’t too much information on this topic, as these reptiles are rather rarely kept as pets. Still, if you decide to get one or you are already past that point, you definitely need to know how to properly take care of your iguana. Let’s see some vital aspects, shall we? Keep the terrarium of your iguana clean. So that you have a healthy and happy iguana, you need to keep its place clean. You should do this by washing the glass with vinegar. You ought to do this like three times a week. Additionally, change the bedding periodically. This way you’ll take its stool […]

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The National Symbol of the US: Bald Eagle Facts

Bald eagles are carnivorous birds found in North America. They have become famous as being the national bird of the United States. Here are a few bald eagle facts you should know about these gorgeous prey birds. Some basic bald eagle facts Bald eagles, known as Haliaeetus leucocephalus for scientists is a relatively big prey bird. Its body is 34 to 43 in with a wingspan of 6 to 8 ft. It weights between 6.5 and 14 lbs. Its life expectancy in the wild is up to 28 years. Bald eagles are not currently on the endangered species list and haven’t been since 2007. The bald eagle with its snowy-feathered head and white tail is really difficult to miss. I […]

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lions animal nature predator

Lions, getting closer and closer to extenction

Lions have been and will always be symbols of power and life. They seem to be in some trouble, though, and that’s definitely because of us, humans: they are close to becoming extinct. According to a conservationist, in 1950, the year he was born in, there were 450.000 lion. Today, merely 60 years later there are only 20-30.000. That is 95% less. Lion sacrifice has a number of reasons: trophy for hunters, disappearance of their natural habitat, killing them as a revenge for the cow loss and poaching for the bone black market. It is kind of a miracle this species managed to survive despite the numerous pesticides, guns and traps people use to catch them. However, it raises a […]

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wildlife park

Scandinavian Wildlife Park: Home of Polar Bears

Scandinavian Wildlife Park, or Skandinavisk Dyrepark as locals know it, has first become known thanks to Siku, the abandoned polar bear cub. The park lies in Kolind on 45 ha and is home for over 300 animals from 21 species. History of the Scandinavian Wildlife Park Skandinavisk Dyrepark from Denmark opened its gates in 1994. Although at that time the they only had six species of Scandinavian deer, visitors kept flowing in. A year later the Wildlife Park became a bit richer. The Scandinavian version of Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer moved to the park and offered some real fun: sledge rides. Over the years, the park has received numerous awards for the extraordinary conditions it provides its animals. Fauna of […]

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animal culture

Animal Culture – Can You Understand It?

Animal culture is a proven phenomenon nowadays. The fact that you can’t understand them is another matter. However, that doesn’t make them less valuable. Animals, unlike some human, are able to build a civilized society based on rules. The first to discover signs of any animal culture is the one living close to them. In a zoo in the UK, zookeepers’ attention has been drawn to a strange gesture. Monkeys living together with mandrills kept putting their hands on their eyes. The odd thing was that light wasn’t that bright in that area. Mark Laidre, researcher at Berkeley University considers that this is a warning sign for other monkeys not to bother them. Although zookeepers had known about this behaviour […]

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cheetah cubs

Faster then a motorbike: the cheetah

Cheetahs are big cats living in Africa and South-East Asia. As opposed to most big cat species, they have slender bodies. They have been known to be the fastest land animals, being able to reach speeds up to 70-74 mph. They can go 0 to 60 mph in only 3 secs. According to a study, in addition to speed, a cheetah’s ability to accelerate, slow down or change direction makes it an outstanding hunter. A group of scientists from the Royal Veterinary College, London, UK, led by Alan Wilson studied a group of wild cheetahs in Delta Okavango, Botswana. They attached GPS devices and accelerometers to 367 animals and surveyed them for a period of a year. The top speed […]

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wild animals in the wild

Top 5 places to admire wild animals in the wild

For all those crazy about watching wild animals in the wild, we definitely have some great news: there has been made a list with the top places you could go to admire those lovely creatures to. Lets see which  are your dream destinations. 1. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania The northern part of Tanzania offers more places to watch wild animals in the wild than any other region in the world. Not only Serengeti National Park, but also the Ngorongono Crater are well-known spots where you can find the so called Big 5: lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards and rhinos. The term Big 5 was given to these species by some group of hunters from Africa. 2. Bandhavgarh National Park, India Tigers […]

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Dolphins, the first species we could communicate with

We have all seen Dr. Dolittle, talking to all those animals, understanding them, forming a special connection with them. We have all envied him as well, haven’t we? Well, I have some great news for you: dolphins could be the first animal species people could communicate with. They would be our perfect chat partners, according to studies conducted on this highly intelligent species. Some scientists seem to have gone too far, though In the 60’s, neurologist John Lilly made a series of suspicious experiments at the Communication Research Institute. He ended up even giving LSD to the animals in an attempt to break their communication code. Moreover, he and his assistant, Margaret Howe, moved a dolphin to a specially flooded […]

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