Small Pets? Take Gerbils!

Gerbils are said to be one of ‘The Magnificent Seven’ as they, alongside with hamsters, mice, Guinea Pig, squirrels, rabbit and weasels, can be an excellent buddy for any kid. Moreover, being social and easy to handle and tame, they are more and more popular as pets. Whether you are old or young, it doesn’t really matter, you’ll just love them. I used to have to Mongolian gerbils and I must tell you, I’d choose to get some more any time. However, it was quite sad when they died but hey, they can’t live forever, can they? Anyway, gerbils are rodents that very easily adapt as long as you fulfil all their needs. They don’t bite, are really curious and […]

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Should You Buy a Rabbit?

Whenever you decide to get a new pet, you have to ask yourself a few questions. Does it fit my lifestyle? Can I afford to take care of it? What species would be the best for me? Once you managed to answer these questions, you are ready to get a new friend. Till then you might need some help. Do you? Read this article and find out whether a rabbit is the best choice in your case. Some rabbit facts to consider your rabbit will be a sociable creature, curious about everything and everyone around it; it will love to play. You should give it some boxes, balls, baskets, anything it can chew on. As all the other rodents, rabbits […]

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How to train your hamster?

Hamsters are highly sociable animals which become easily attached to their owner. Since your hamster wants to please you and also likes snacks, it will probably learn some tricks to impress you. You just need to be really patient and perseverant and have some sunflower seeds. The progress is similar to that in case of a dog, however, hamsters don’t respond too well to punishment, so you’d better stick to motivating with snacks. Don’t forget that hamsters are crepuscular – they are most active in the evening. You shouldn’t work with them when they are sleepy, as they might even become violent. Knowing all these, you can start the first step of the training: the taming of your hamster. Taming […]

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pet alone

How long can you leave your pet alone?

Have you ever wondered how long you can leave your pet alone at home for? After how long does it start to affect him? Well, it definitely depends on the species, so read up here on your favourite pet’s needs. Even with enough food and water, most of the companion animal species are social creatures, so they can’t go for too long without their owners. 1. Dogs As social as dogs are, they definitely can’t take to be alone for too long. Left alone, they will end up eating all their food in a short time and then just starve. Moreover, adult dogs need to be taken out for a walk at least twice daily. In the case of puppies […]

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