iguana care

Take Good Care of Your Iguana

Iguanas, these pretty awkward pets, are not that easy to take care of. Furthermore, unfortunately there isn’t too much information on this topic, as these reptiles are rather rarely kept as pets. Still, if you decide to get one or you are already past that point, you definitely need to know how to properly take care of your iguana. Let’s see some vital aspects, shall we? Keep the terrarium of your iguana clean. So that you have a healthy and happy iguana, you need to keep its place clean. You should do this by washing the glass with vinegar. You ought to do this like three times a week. Additionally, change the bedding periodically. This way you’ll take its stool […]

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Salamander Facts You Didn’t Know

Salamandra salamandra, aka salamander in everyday life, is a sort of amphibians in close relationship with frogs and toads.Their primary living place is the northern hemisphere. They prefer areas close to ponds and lakes. Some salamanders live on the dry land, others in the water but most of them spend their lives both in the water and on the land. This is what being an amphibian involves. From the 500 known salamander species the vast majority is at high risk of becoming extinct because of pollution and loss of habitat. Salamander Facts You Should Know Salamanders can have different size. The 1.1 inches long minute salamander is the smallest one, while Chinese giant salamander, with its length of 6 feet […]

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chameleon food

Chameleon Food: How to Feed your Camouflage Expert

Chameleons, these colourful creatures, motionless for hours, have been proof of eccentricity. Not so long ago only those keen on exoticism owned them. Nowadays, they are one of the most popular pets among reptile fans. As any other living creature, they need to be properly taken care of. Here are some thoughts on adequate chameleon food. Predator par excellence Besides their look and ability to camouflage themselves, chameleons are also beloved for their way of preying. Catching the prey with their long tongue is a real show. They are quite fancy about eating, though, so not everything is good enough chameleon food. Their primary food, as in case of most small reptiles, are insects they like to catch themselves. Mostly […]

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4 Turtle Facts to bear in mind

Turtles are quite popular as pets and they can adjust to this lifestyle. However, they need to be appropriately taken care for so that they don’t get sick or endanger their owner’s health. Here are a few turtle facts you should bear in mind and act upon. Turtle fact #1: Home The biggest challenge for you, if you have a turtle, is to recreate a turtle’s natural habitat in your home. It usually has both light and shadow, water, dirt, pebbles and grass. Besides these elements, your turtle will also need a lamp to keep it warm. Turtles can live for several decades and they tend to grow a lot, so you will need to enlarge their space. They usually […]

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