secrets about horses

10 Secrets about Horses

Horses have been living on Earth for over 50 million years but they were domesticated only 6000 years ago. Horses have changed in all those years and people contributed to this, too. Nowadays there are about 400 different breeds. Some of them are good in wars, others at work, there are race horses and others for pure fun. There are hundreds of secrets about horses, I’m just gonna tell you 10 of them. The 10 I find the most fascinating. 1. The closest relative of the horse is the rhinoceros. Today there is only on species alive from the Equidae family (horse’s family). It’s called Equus and domestic horses, Przewalski’s horse, zebras and donkeys are in this genus. The closest […]

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horse grooming

Horse grooming: where to start

Horse grooming – and care, in general – should be a daily routine for every horse owner. It really doesn’t matter whether you use it everyday, you have to care for it. When to do the horse grooming? You should do the grooming in the morning. Try to avoid doing it during feeding, horses like to be alone and eat undisturbed. Before feeding isn’t the best time, either. Your animal is going to be impatient to get the food. The best moment seems to be after it has eaten but before starting work with it. Why do the grooming Your horse is going to sweat under the harness or saddle. In these regions its fur is going to stick to […]

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How is your pet your guardian angel?

Did you know your pet could be your doctor? Being your truest friends, animals can also protect you from illnesses or even cure you. There have been cases of cats or dogs ‘sniffing’ severe diseases of their owners and alerting them, too. Obviously not all animals can affect your health positively, they can have severely impact you, should you be allergic for example. Still, lets see a few cases in which a pet can be your most loyal guardian angel. Dogs reduce blood pressure and cholesterol The advantages of having a dog, according to specialists, are many and significant. Usually people who own a dog live longer and are happier than the rest. They are less likely to have high […]

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