animal oral hygiene

Pet Smile or Importance of Animal Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene for animals is extremely important, as most pets end up having some kind of oral infection. Your animal’s oral hygiene is vital for their general health, so make sure you take it seriously. Unfortunately, there are way too many pet owners who don’t know how to properly take care of their pet’s teeth. Moreover, they usually only take their animals to the vet for the annual inoculation or serious health issues. Periodical checkups are just as important for your friend as for yourself. The major problem is that even in case of poor animal oral hygiene, it has no real symptoms. Untreated oral issues, however, can lead to loss of teeth, painful infections. Furthermore, they can also cause […]

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mammal size

Animal Superlatives: Mammal Size

Mammals can have a wide range of different dimensions from the weight of a coin to the multiple of a bus’ weight. Elephants and whales for instance have become really big over the time, while primates have always been extremely small. Scientists seem to have found the reason of difference in mammal size. Studies on mammal size A theory made by an interdisciplinary group lead by Jordan Okie from University of Arizona has recently found some answers. They have studies the reason why certain organisms end up gigantic and others don’t. An international research group of paleontologists, biologists and ecologists have studied how fast different species grow. Based on these information they could predict how big they were going to […]

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Hokkaido, Home of 7 Cute Animals

Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan is home of 7 incredibly adorable animal species that can’t be found on any other part of the country. These extremely cute animals will instantly make you fall in love with them. Although some of them are part of other more widely spread species, others are unique and specific to the region. What is a better way to start a new year than learning about some really special cute animals of Hokkaido. Ezo Momonga This cuties is a special type of flying squirrel. With its huge black eyes and small legs, it has become a local mascot. You can see it on railway tickets. Shima-Enaga It is type of titmouse that is specific to […]

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best pets for kids

Pets for Kids – What to Choose

Your child would probably like to have a pet of their own, a true friend they can play with and spend memorable moments together. Getting them an animal will definitely be a new responsibility for you as well. Here are the best pets for kids and how to choose them. Keep these in mind when choosing Your kid’s new pet is going to need space and will have a number of necessities you have to give it. Before choosing a species, you should answer a few questions like: How much time do you have? Do you have money and condition for a pet? What will you do with it when taking a vacation? Are your family with the species you […]

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Don’t Buy Pets for Christmas

Christmas is coming and we are all thinking what kind of presents we should give for Christmas. From all the great gifts we can think about – books, gadgets, holidays, clothes and all the other surprises – there is a really small step to pets. Getting a puppy or kitten seems like the best idea ever, doesn’t it? Still, you should think it through before making what should be a life changing decision. The first few days are like heaven with your new friend but you have to think about the rest of its life, as well. You must consider the responsibility you are taking once you get a pet. Your new friend is going to need a proper diet, […]

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easiest pets to take care of

Top 5 Pets Easy to Take Care Of

Most people would really like to have a pet but they are afraid they won’t have enough time to take properly care of their new friend. Specialists have made a list of 5 pets easy to take care of. 5. Birds Birds are quite easy to take care of since they don’t need too much space and are really friendly. However, they might get a bit loud when they want to show affection towards you. You can choose from species such as budgerigars, parrots or even canaries. Canaries are the easiest to handle and they don’t necessarily need to be in couple, so you can buy only one. Make sure your birds are in a well lit room, far away […]

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pets and child development

The Connection Between Pets and Child Development

The connection between pets and child development has always been and will probably always be a question of utmost importance. Is it good for my child to be raised together with pets? This is the question every parent asks before getting a pet. Or every pet owner asks when they are about to have a baby. The answer to this question is very simple and extremely complicated in the same time. On the one hand, a pet can and will play a huge role in your child’s life. A pet can teach them the need to share and will definitely give them one of the greatest friends they will ever have. They will also learn what responsibility means. Helping you […]

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animal fun facts

15 Fun Facts from the Animal World

The animal world has an endless number of wonders. We do know a tiny part of all this mystery but there is definitely more to it than we can even imagine. Here 15 fun facts of those we do know. Enjoy. A chameleon’s tongue is twice as long as its body. The polar bear’s skin is black and its fur transparent. We see polar bears white because of the reflection of the ice and snow. Elephants don’t see very well but they have an excellent smell. They can smell water from 4 km. Moreover, they are the only mammals that can’t jump. Tigers have stripes both on their fur and their skin. There are no two tiger with the same […]

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