fish care

4 Aspects of Fish Care

It is common knowledge that fish have a wide range of positive effects on us. Watching an aquarium full of playful fish is not only entertaining but also a great way to calm down. As in case of any other pet, you have to pay attention to a few fish care steps and aspects. Let’s see what are these. Keeping the water clean When it comes to the health of your fish, water quality is really close to the top of the list. In general, you don’t need to change the water, you just have to refill from time to time (let’s say every couple of weeks). The pH level of the water is determined by the species you have […]

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longnose hawkfish

Longnose Hawkfish – the Fish for Newbies

Longnose hawkfish (Oxycirrhites typus) is one of the most spectacular marine fish. The good news is they are not pretentious at all, so they are the ideal pet fish for newbies. These agile, easily adapting, resistant longnose hawkfish are quite robust taking their size into consideration (they are only 3.5-6 in long). They tend to be aggressive but you can avoid problems by paying attention to a few aspects. Keep them together with some peaceful fish that are larger than you longnose hawkfish and make sure you don’t have any¬† peppermint shrimp (Lysmata wundermani) in your aquarium. These are the guys you want to avoid or they’ll all get eaten in no time: Make sure you only have one species […]

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4 Turtle Facts to bear in mind

Turtles are quite popular as pets and they can adjust to this lifestyle. However, they need to be appropriately taken care for so that they don’t get sick or endanger their owner’s health. Here are a few turtle facts you should bear in mind and act upon. Turtle fact #1: Home The biggest challenge for you, if you have a turtle, is to recreate a turtle’s natural habitat in your home. It usually has both light and shadow, water, dirt, pebbles and grass. Besides these elements, your turtle will also need a lamp to keep it warm. Turtles can live for several decades and they tend to grow a lot, so you will need to enlarge their space. They usually […]

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pet alone

How long can you leave your pet alone?

Have you ever wondered how long you can leave your pet alone at home for? After how long does it start to affect him? Well, it definitely depends on the species, so read up here on your favourite pet’s needs. Even with enough food and water, most of the companion animal species are social creatures, so they can’t go for too long without their owners. 1. Dogs As social as dogs are, they definitely can’t take to be alone for too long. Left alone, they will end up eating all their food in a short time and then just starve. Moreover, adult dogs need to be taken out for a walk at least twice daily. In the case of puppies […]

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Dolphins, the first species we could communicate with

We have all seen Dr. Dolittle, talking to all those animals, understanding them, forming a special connection with them. We have all envied him as well, haven’t we? Well, I have some great news for you: dolphins could be the first animal species people could communicate with. They would be our perfect chat partners, according to studies conducted on this highly intelligent species. Some scientists seem to have gone too far, though In the 60’s, neurologist John Lilly made a series of suspicious experiments at the Communication Research Institute. He ended up even giving LSD to the animals in an attempt to break their communication code. Moreover, he and his assistant, Margaret Howe, moved a dolphin to a specially flooded […]

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How is your pet your guardian angel?

Did you know your pet could be your doctor? Being your truest friends, animals can also protect you from illnesses or even cure you. There have been cases of cats or dogs ‘sniffing’ severe diseases of their owners and alerting them, too. Obviously not all animals can affect your health positively, they can have severely impact you, should you be allergic for example. Still, lets see a few cases in which a pet can be your most loyal guardian angel. Dogs reduce blood pressure and cholesterol The advantages of having a dog, according to specialists, are many and significant. Usually people who own a dog live longer and are happier than the rest. They are less likely to have high […]

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