Dog Saved Cat by Donating Blood

It’s common knowledge that dogs and cats don’t get along. Moreover, they are real enemies. However, this dog and cat definitely challenge this stereotype. New Zealander dog gave blood to a cat A cat in New-Zealand had eaten some rat poison and got into a critical condition. Its owners realized it and took it to the vet. However, there wasn’t enough time to wait for lab work and look for a donor, so they had to come up with a solution. This time (as in most cases) the solution was a dog, the Labrador Retriever of a close friend. Luckily the dog and the cat shared the same blood type, so blood transfusion was possible. Otherwise, the cat would have […]

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The Physics of Drinking Milk – Taught by Cats

Cats seem to know a lot more physics that most people, or so say the studies. They use this ‘knowledge’ to drink milk or water from a plate without making a mess. They can actually drink without getting any liquid on their nose and whiskers. This is how they do it. The physics of drinking milk… Scientists from top universities such as MIT, Princeton or Virginia Polytechnic Institute , after some serious effort, managed to figure out the science behind cats drinking from plates. The conclusion is that cats are like some physics geniuses. Dogs when drink, they practically push the liquid with their tongue in their mouth. You must have seen the proof of this: the mess around their […]

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dogs vs cats

Dogs vs. Cats, Part I: Cat People Claim

Are you a dog person or rather a cat-holic? Whichever category you fit into, I’m sure you have your good reasons. A study involving 200 people concluded that individuals who preferred dogs were more extrovert, while those in favour of cats proved to be more independent. People have been asked about their personalities and the pet species they owned. The study showed that these persons’ personalities were similar to that of their pet’s. Wherever you go, you will always find people on both sides. Lets see what those in favour of cats think. Pros of having a cat, as opposed to owning a dog 1. Cats will use their litter box whenever they need. Dogs, on the other hand, need […]

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secrets about cats

15 Secrets about Cats

Curiosity killed the cat, according to the old saying. Lets just hope it didn’t literally do and we can find out as much as possible about this little feline. Here are 15 secrets about cats. Because curiosity surely hasn’t killed us. 1. A cat’s heart beats 120-240 times per minute. The cardiac rhythm obviously varies and depends on the breed the cat belongs to. In comparison, a human’s heart rhythm is 60-80 bpm. 2. Cats can’t taste sweet. Have you ever thought about giving some sweet snack for your kitty? Well, you’d better dropped it right away because it can’t taste sweet. There are no sweet taste receptors on its tongue. Moreover, there are only 473 taste buds on a […]

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sneezing cat

Why do cats sneeze?

Sneezing is a reflex of the upper airways not only humans but also some animal species have. Just like in our case, it is vital in maintaining health and it doesn’t necessarily mean the animal is sick. Still, you have to watch your cat closely to be able to decide whether it needs to be taken to the vet. The reflex is activated to expel irritating agents from the nasal cavity. It mostly happens when the nerve endings are stimulated. Cats sneeze and have some discharge as well occasionally but as long as it doesn’t repeat, you really don’t need to worry. Chronic sneezing, however, or nose bleeding are signs of illness. They can be caused by a wound, a […]

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cat on leash

Walk your cat on a leash!

Have you ever wondered how some people teach their cat to walk on a leash? Well, although it’s not an extremely easy job, you could try it, too. I’m sure you would succeed. All you need is some time and patience. And your cat, of course. Lets find out tips and steps of walking your cat on a leash together. Choose the appropriate leash To give your cat the most comfort possible, you must choose a leash matching its dimensions. With the ideal leash your cat can move freely, without being limited. You should put it a fitting harness, too, so that it can’t free itself with a sudden movement. To find the ideal leash and harness measure your cat’s […]

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pet alone

How long can you leave your pet alone?

Have you ever wondered how long you can leave your pet alone at home for? After how long does it start to affect him? Well, it definitely depends on the species, so read up here on your favourite pet’s needs. Even with enough food and water, most of the companion animal species are social creatures, so they can’t go for too long without their owners. 1. Dogs As social as dogs are, they definitely can’t take to be alone for too long. Left alone, they will end up eating all their food in a short time and then just starve. Moreover, adult dogs need to be taken out for a walk at least twice daily. In the case of puppies […]

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How is your pet your guardian angel?

Did you know your pet could be your doctor? Being your truest friends, animals can also protect you from illnesses or even cure you. There have been cases of cats or dogs ‘sniffing’ severe diseases of their owners and alerting them, too. Obviously not all animals can affect your health positively, they can have severely impact you, should you be allergic for example. Still, lets see a few cases in which a pet can be your most loyal guardian angel. Dogs reduce blood pressure and cholesterol The advantages of having a dog, according to specialists, are many and significant. Usually people who own a dog live longer and are happier than the rest. They are less likely to have high […]

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