secrets about cats

15 Secrets about Cats

Curiosity killed the cat, according to the old saying. Lets just hope it didn’t literally do and we can find out as much as possible about this little feline. Here are 15 secrets about cats. Because curiosity surely hasn’t killed us. 1. A cat’s heart beats 120-240 times per minute. The cardiac rhythm obviously varies and depends on the breed the cat belongs to. In comparison, a human’s heart rhythm is 60-80 bpm. 2. Cats can’t taste sweet. Have you ever thought about giving some sweet snack for your kitty? Well, you’d better dropped it right away because it can’t taste sweet. There are no sweet taste receptors on its tongue. Moreover, there are only 473 taste buds on a […]

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horse grooming

Horse grooming: where to start

Horse grooming – and care, in general – should be a daily routine for every horse owner. It really doesn’t matter whether you use it everyday, you have to care for it. When to do the horse grooming? You should do the grooming in the morning. Try to avoid doing it during feeding, horses like to be alone and eat undisturbed. Before feeding isn’t the best time, either. Your animal is going to be impatient to get the food. The best moment seems to be after it has eaten but before starting work with it. Why do the grooming Your horse is going to sweat under the harness or saddle. In these regions its fur is going to stick to […]

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chameleon food

Chameleon Food: How to Feed your Camouflage Expert

Chameleons, these colourful creatures, motionless for hours, have been proof of eccentricity. Not so long ago only those keen on exoticism owned them. Nowadays, they are one of the most popular pets among reptile fans. As any other living creature, they need to be properly taken care of. Here are some thoughts on adequate chameleon food. Predator par excellence Besides their look and ability to camouflage themselves, chameleons are also beloved for their way of preying. Catching the prey with their long tongue is a real show. They are quite fancy about eating, though, so not everything is good enough chameleon food. Their primary food, as in case of most small reptiles, are insects they like to catch themselves. Mostly […]

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sneezing cat

Why do cats sneeze?

Sneezing is a reflex of the upper airways not only humans but also some animal species have. Just like in our case, it is vital in maintaining health and it doesn’t necessarily mean the animal is sick. Still, you have to watch your cat closely to be able to decide whether it needs to be taken to the vet. The reflex is activated to expel irritating agents from the nasal cavity. It mostly happens when the nerve endings are stimulated. Cats sneeze and have some discharge as well occasionally but as long as it doesn’t repeat, you really don’t need to worry. Chronic sneezing, however, or nose bleeding are signs of illness. They can be caused by a wound, a […]

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dog barking at cars

5 Reasons Dogs Bark at Cars

Barking at moving cars is one of all dogs’ favourite games. Most dogs are able to detect in advance an approaching car. Moreover, they can even recognize particular cars. See below 5 reasons why dogs bark at cars. 1. Defending their territory Dogs have territories. And they love defending it. They are very protective of the house they live in and the garden, their food, toys, beds, everything. Once a car is approaching its territory, it will start barking to warn the car. When the car passes by your house and goes away, your dog will understand it as its own success. It was them, who made the ‘potencial intruder’ go away. Make sure you make it clear to your […]

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dog clothes

Dog clothes: caprice or a must?

Do dogs need any clothes? The question of dog clothes is a great reason to make fun of some owners for many skeptics. However, it is serious business. Many dogs are shaking because of the low temperatures in the winter but their owners don’t do anything. Why? To avoid being laughed at. We all know that dogs have fur which protects them from the cold. Well, when it comes to breeds with thinner fur that protection is not enough at all. Others wouldn’t resist in the winter for genetical reasons. Do you need dog clothes? Whether you and your friend need to get some dog clothes depends on three aspects: breed, size and age. Small breed like Chihuahua or Terriers, […]

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How to train your hamster?

Hamsters are highly sociable animals which become easily attached to their owner. Since your hamster wants to please you and also likes snacks, it will probably learn some tricks to impress you. You just need to be really patient and perseverant and have some sunflower seeds. The progress is similar to that in case of a dog, however, hamsters don’t respond too well to punishment, so you’d better stick to motivating with snacks. Don’t forget that hamsters are crepuscular – they are most active in the evening. You shouldn’t work with them when they are sleepy, as they might even become violent. Knowing all these, you can start the first step of the training: the taming of your hamster. Taming […]

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cat on leash

Walk your cat on a leash!

Have you ever wondered how some people teach their cat to walk on a leash? Well, although it’s not an extremely easy job, you could try it, too. I’m sure you would succeed. All you need is some time and patience. And your cat, of course. Lets find out tips and steps of walking your cat on a leash together. Choose the appropriate leash To give your cat the most comfort possible, you must choose a leash matching its dimensions. With the ideal leash your cat can move freely, without being limited. You should put it a fitting harness, too, so that it can’t free itself with a sudden movement. To find the ideal leash and harness measure your cat’s […]

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4 Turtle Facts to bear in mind

Turtles are quite popular as pets and they can adjust to this lifestyle. However, they need to be appropriately taken care for so that they don’t get sick or endanger their owner’s health. Here are a few turtle facts you should bear in mind and act upon. Turtle fact #1: Home The biggest challenge for you, if you have a turtle, is to recreate a turtle’s natural habitat in your home. It usually has both light and shadow, water, dirt, pebbles and grass. Besides these elements, your turtle will also need a lamp to keep it warm. Turtles can live for several decades and they tend to grow a lot, so you will need to enlarge their space. They usually […]

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cheetah cubs

Faster then a motorbike: the cheetah

Cheetahs are big cats living in Africa and South-East Asia. As opposed to most big cat species, they have slender bodies. They have been known to be the fastest land animals, being able to reach speeds up to 70-74 mph. They can go 0 to 60 mph in only 3 secs. According to a study, in addition to speed, a cheetah’s ability to accelerate, slow down or change direction makes it an outstanding hunter. A group of scientists from the Royal Veterinary College, London, UK, led by Alan Wilson studied a group of wild cheetahs in Delta Okavango, Botswana. They attached GPS devices and accelerometers to 367 animals and surveyed them for a period of a year. The top speed […]

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