strange dog behaviors

3 Strange Dog Behaviors and the Explanation

Observing different animals will definitely lead to discovering some rather awkward acts. Although we are quite often amused by them, it is extremely important that we understand the reason of these patterns. They could indicate a wide range of serious issues such as health or behavioral problems. The moment we know about these, we can start thinking of a solution instead of simply staring  and enjoying the show. Here are three common strange dog behaviors and their likely explanations. Why do dogs dig? One of the most annoying dog behavior as far as the owner is concerned is definitely digging. Most of us who have ever had dogs in the yard had to deal with this problem. This is kind […]

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wolf behavior

Introduction to Wolf Behavior

Wolves’ senses differ a lot from that of other related species and this defines a particular way of acting in a wide range of situations. Let’s see some aspects of wolf behavior and what could be behind it. How wolves’ senses work Wolves have a relatively weak sense of smell compared to that of certain hunting dogs. Wolves can smell carrion from 1.2-1.8 miles. Although they can easily find and follow rabbit trails, they can’t really catch any. Still, wolves held in captivity are able to smell what their owner has eaten. Moreover, wolves’ hearing is very sharp. They can even hear the sound of falling leaves. They are able to hear sound with a frequency of 26 kHz, which […]

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fish care

4 Aspects of Fish Care

It is common knowledge that fish have a wide range of positive effects on us. Watching an aquarium full of playful fish is not only entertaining but also a great way to calm down. As in case of any other pet, you have to pay attention to a few fish care steps and aspects. Let’s see what are these. Keeping the water clean When it comes to the health of your fish, water quality is really close to the top of the list. In general, you don’t need to change the water, you just have to refill from time to time (let’s say every couple of weeks). The pH level of the water is determined by the species you have […]

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pets and child development

The Connection Between Pets and Child Development

The connection between pets and child development has always been and will probably always be a question of utmost importance. Is it good for my child to be raised together with pets? This is the question every parent asks before getting a pet. Or every pet owner asks when they are about to have a baby. The answer to this question is very simple and extremely complicated in the same time. On the one hand, a pet can and will play a huge role in your child’s life. A pet can teach them the need to share and will definitely give them one of the greatest friends they will ever have. They will also learn what responsibility means. Helping you […]

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Small Pets? Take Gerbils!

Gerbils are said to be one of ‘The Magnificent Seven’ as they, alongside with hamsters, mice, Guinea Pig, squirrels, rabbit and weasels, can be an excellent buddy for any kid. Moreover, being social and easy to handle and tame, they are more and more popular as pets. Whether you are old or young, it doesn’t really matter, you’ll just love them. I used to have to Mongolian gerbils and I must tell you, I’d choose to get some more any time. However, it was quite sad when they died but hey, they can’t live forever, can they? Anyway, gerbils are rodents that very easily adapt as long as you fulfil all their needs. They don’t bite, are really curious and […]

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iguana care

Take Good Care of Your Iguana

Iguanas, these pretty awkward pets, are not that easy to take care of. Furthermore, unfortunately there isn’t too much information on this topic, as these reptiles are rather rarely kept as pets. Still, if you decide to get one or you are already past that point, you definitely need to know how to properly take care of your iguana. Let’s see some vital aspects, shall we? Keep the terrarium of your iguana clean. So that you have a healthy and happy iguana, you need to keep its place clean. You should do this by washing the glass with vinegar. You ought to do this like three times a week. Additionally, change the bedding periodically. This way you’ll take its stool […]

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animal fun facts

15 Fun Facts from the Animal World

The animal world has an endless number of wonders. We do know a tiny part of all this mystery but there is definitely more to it than we can even imagine. Here 15 fun facts of those we do know. Enjoy. A chameleon’s tongue is twice as long as its body. The polar bear’s skin is black and its fur transparent. We see polar bears white because of the reflection of the ice and snow. Elephants don’t see very well but they have an excellent smell. They can smell water from 4 km. Moreover, they are the only mammals that can’t jump. Tigers have stripes both on their fur and their skin. There are no two tiger with the same […]

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secrets about horses

10 Secrets about Horses

Horses have been living on Earth for over 50 million years but they were domesticated only 6000 years ago. Horses have changed in all those years and people contributed to this, too. Nowadays there are about 400 different breeds. Some of them are good in wars, others at work, there are race horses and others for pure fun. There are hundreds of secrets about horses, I’m just gonna tell you 10 of them. The 10 I find the most fascinating. 1. The closest relative of the horse is the rhinoceros. Today there is only on species alive from the Equidae family (horse’s family). It’s called Equus and domestic horses, Przewalski’s horse, zebras and donkeys are in this genus. The closest […]

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longnose hawkfish

Longnose Hawkfish – the Fish for Newbies

Longnose hawkfish (Oxycirrhites typus) is one of the most spectacular marine fish. The good news is they are not pretentious at all, so they are the ideal pet fish for newbies. These agile, easily adapting, resistant longnose hawkfish are quite robust taking their size into consideration (they are only 3.5-6 in long). They tend to be aggressive but you can avoid problems by paying attention to a few aspects. Keep them together with some peaceful fish that are larger than you longnose hawkfish and make sure you don’t have any  peppermint shrimp (Lysmata wundermani) in your aquarium. These are the guys you want to avoid or they’ll all get eaten in no time: Make sure you only have one species […]

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The National Symbol of the US: Bald Eagle Facts

Bald eagles are carnivorous birds found in North America. They have become famous as being the national bird of the United States. Here are a few bald eagle facts you should know about these gorgeous prey birds. Some basic bald eagle facts Bald eagles, known as Haliaeetus leucocephalus for scientists is a relatively big prey bird. Its body is 34 to 43 in with a wingspan of 6 to 8 ft. It weights between 6.5 and 14 lbs. Its life expectancy in the wild is up to 28 years. Bald eagles are not currently on the endangered species list and haven’t been since 2007. The bald eagle with its snowy-feathered head and white tail is really difficult to miss. I […]

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