4 Turtle Facts to bear in mind

Turtles are quite popular as pets and they can adjust to this lifestyle. However, they need to be appropriately taken care for so that they don’t get sick or endanger their owner’s health. Here are a few turtle facts you should bear in mind and act upon.

Turtle fact #1: Home

The biggest challenge for you, if you have a turtle, is to recreate a turtle’s natural habitat in your home. It usually has both light and shadow, water, dirt, pebbles and grass. Besides these elements, your turtle will also need a lamp to keep it warm. Turtles can live for several decades and they tend to grow a lot, so you will need to enlarge their space. They usually don’t like to be moved around, they need peace, without being bothered to often.

Turtle fact #2: Hibernation

Owners of turtles must ask a vital question: should I let my turtle hibernate? Here’s what you have to know before you answer it.
Turtles, if they don’t hibernate, risk kidney failure. That sounds serious, right? Tortoises kept in the garden during the winter can live through quite well, as long as they don’t get dug out by your dog or your curious kid. When kept in an apartment, it gets a bit more tricky: you have to create the necessary conditions and make sure nobody awakes it. It could be fatal for him, you know. The best thing you can do is to not let it hibernate at all.

Turtle fact #3: Temperature

The temperature your turtle needs depends on its species.
Tortoises for example can maintain their body temperature a lot easier than turtles. They generally need around 70 F during the day, a bit less in the night.
Your turtle will always need fresh water and air. You better use boiled and cooled water instead of regular tap water as chlorine and other chemicals might harm your little friend.

Turtle fact #4: Health

When it comes to health, I mean both your family’s and your turtle’s. Although they look really good in the tank, avoid decorating your aquarium with wooden elements. They are great spots for bacteria. Furthermore, specialists don’t recommend getting a turtle, if your kid is under 5. It could mean a risk both for your turtle, for obvious reasons, and your child. Here’s a turtle fact only a few people know: turtles do carry a bunch of dangerous bacteria, such as Salmonella. Unless washing their hands properly each time they touch the turtle, your kid can easily get salmonellosis. You usually can’t even tell whether your pet is a carrier, since they rarely show symptoms.

These are a few facts you should consider when deciding to get a turtle or tortoise. They really are great animals, so if you are able to fulfill their needs, feel free to get one. Grab your aquarium and other necessities from our shop and by the time you finish, you will have made a huge step towards making a new friend.

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