Dog Saved Cat by Donating Blood

It’s common knowledge that dogs and cats don’t get along. Moreover, they are real enemies. However, this dog and cat definitely challenge this stereotype. New Zealander dog gave blood to a cat A cat in New-Zealand had eaten some rat poison and got into a critical condition. Its owners realized it and took it to the vet. However, there wasn’t enough time to wait for lab work and look for a donor, so they had to come up with a solution. This time (as in most cases) the solution was a dog, the Labrador Retriever of a close friend. Luckily the dog and the cat shared the same blood type, so blood transfusion was possible. Otherwise, the cat would have […]

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The Physics of Drinking Milk – Taught by Cats

Cats seem to know a lot more physics that most people, or so say the studies. They use this ‘knowledge’ to drink milk or water from a plate without making a mess. They can actually drink without getting any liquid on their nose and whiskers. This is how they do it. The physics of drinking milk… Scientists from top universities such as MIT, Princeton or Virginia Polytechnic Institute , after some serious effort, managed to figure out the science behind cats drinking from plates. The conclusion is that cats are like some physics geniuses. Dogs when drink, they practically push the liquid with their tongue in their mouth. You must have seen the proof of this: the mess around their […]

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best pets for kids

Pets for Kids – What to Choose

Your child would probably like to have a pet of their own, a true friend they can play with and spend memorable moments together. Getting them an animal will definitely be a new responsibility for you as well. Here are the best pets for kids and how to choose them. Keep these in mind when choosing Your kid’s new pet is going to need space and will have a number of necessities you have to give it. Before choosing a species, you should answer a few questions like: How much time do you have? Do you have money and condition for a pet? What will you do with it when taking a vacation? Are your family with the species you […]

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highland wildlife park

Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland

Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland is a safari park spread in an area of 105 ha. It is situated in the vicinity of the small town of Kingussie, in Highland region. Are you fascinated by endangered animal species? If yes, this place is definitely for you. By visiting it you’ll see the representatives of the Scottish fauna and not only. Make a visit and discover deer, squirrels, Scottish Wildcats, yaks and so much more. Don’t miss any of them, really. Should you visitĀ  the park, you’ll be able to see Victoria, the only female polar bear in the UK. And guess what: she might even be pregnant. Moreover, the birds of the Highland Wildlife Park are just as fascinating as […]

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dog horoscope

Dog Horoscope in Nutshell

Do you know your pal well enough? Do you know all secrets about its ‘personality’ and behavior? Guess what. The date it was born at can tell you a lot more about it then you have ever thought. Read this general dog horoscope and learn something new about your friend. Dog horoscope signs and meaning Aquarius (January 21 – February 18): your dog is born under the ‘friend’ sign and is over the moon when it gets lots of freedom. Pisces (February 19 – March 20): your dog loves water, so you’d better have a pond or bathtub or something in the vicinity. Aries (March21 – April 19): dog horoscope says that dogs born in this period are real leaders […]

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Don’t Buy Pets for Christmas

Christmas is coming and we are all thinking what kind of presents we should give for Christmas. From all the great gifts we can think about – books, gadgets, holidays, clothes and all the other surprises – there is a really small step to pets. Getting a puppy or kitten seems like the best idea ever, doesn’t it? Still, you should think it through before making what should be a life changing decision. The first few days are like heaven with your new friend but you have to think about the rest of its life, as well. You must consider the responsibility you are taking once you get a pet. Your new friend is going to need a proper diet, […]

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easiest pets to take care of

Top 5 Pets Easy to Take Care Of

Most people would really like to have a pet but they are afraid they won’t have enough time to take properly care of their new friend. Specialists have made a list of 5 pets easy to take care of. 5. Birds Birds are quite easy to take care of since they don’t need too much space and are really friendly. However, they might get a bit loud when they want to show affection towards you. You can choose from species such as budgerigars, parrots or even canaries. Canaries are the easiest to handle and they don’t necessarily need to be in couple, so you can buy only one. Make sure your birds are in a well lit room, far away […]

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strange dog behaviors

3 Strange Dog Behaviors and the Explanation

Observing different animals will definitely lead to discovering some rather awkward acts. Although we are quite often amused by them, it is extremely important that we understand the reason of these patterns. They could indicate a wide range of serious issues such as health or behavioral problems. The moment we know about these, we can start thinking of a solution instead of simply staringĀ  and enjoying the show. Here are three common strange dog behaviors and their likely explanations. Why do dogs dig? One of the most annoying dog behavior as far as the owner is concerned is definitely digging. Most of us who have ever had dogs in the yard had to deal with this problem. This is kind […]

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wolf behavior

Introduction to Wolf Behavior

Wolves’ senses differ a lot from that of other related species and this defines a particular way of acting in a wide range of situations. Let’s see some aspects of wolf behavior and what could be behind it. How wolves’ senses work Wolves have a relatively weak sense of smell compared to that of certain hunting dogs. Wolves can smell carrion from 1.2-1.8 miles. Although they can easily find and follow rabbit trails, they can’t really catch any. Still, wolves held in captivity are able to smell what their owner has eaten. Moreover, wolves’ hearing is very sharp. They can even hear the sound of falling leaves. They are able to hear sound with a frequency of 26 kHz, which […]

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fish care

4 Aspects of Fish Care

It is common knowledge that fish have a wide range of positive effects on us. Watching an aquarium full of playful fish is not only entertaining but also a great way to calm down. As in case of any other pet, you have to pay attention to a few fish care steps and aspects. Let’s see what are these. Keeping the water clean When it comes to the health of your fish, water quality is really close to the top of the list. In general, you don’t need to change the water, you just have to refill from time to time (let’s say every couple of weeks). The pH level of the water is determined by the species you have […]

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