secrets about horses

10 Secrets about Horses

Horses have been living on Earth for over 50 million years but they were domesticated only 6000 years ago. Horses have changed in all those years and people contributed to this, too. Nowadays there are about 400 different breeds. Some of them are good in wars, others at work, there are race horses and others for pure fun. There are hundreds of secrets about horses, I’m just gonna tell you 10 of them. The 10 I find the most fascinating. 1. The closest relative of the horse is the rhinoceros. Today there is only on species alive from the Equidae family (horse’s family). It’s called Equus and domestic horses, Przewalski’s horse, zebras and donkeys are in this genus. The closest […]

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longnose hawkfish

Longnose Hawkfish – the Fish for Newbies

Longnose hawkfish (Oxycirrhites typus) is one of the most spectacular marine fish. The good news is they are not pretentious at all, so they are the ideal pet fish for newbies. These agile, easily adapting, resistant longnose hawkfish are quite robust taking their size into consideration (they are only 3.5-6 in long). They tend to be aggressive but you can avoid problems by paying attention to a few aspects. Keep them together with some peaceful fish that are larger than you longnose hawkfish and make sure you don’t have any  peppermint shrimp (Lysmata wundermani) in your aquarium. These are the guys you want to avoid or they’ll all get eaten in no time: Make sure you only have one species […]

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The National Symbol of the US: Bald Eagle Facts

Bald eagles are carnivorous birds found in North America. They have become famous as being the national bird of the United States. Here are a few bald eagle facts you should know about these gorgeous prey birds. Some basic bald eagle facts Bald eagles, known as Haliaeetus leucocephalus for scientists is a relatively big prey bird. Its body is 34 to 43 in with a wingspan of 6 to 8 ft. It weights between 6.5 and 14 lbs. Its life expectancy in the wild is up to 28 years. Bald eagles are not currently on the endangered species list and haven’t been since 2007. The bald eagle with its snowy-feathered head and white tail is really difficult to miss. I […]

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Salamander Facts You Didn’t Know

Salamandra salamandra, aka salamander in everyday life, is a sort of amphibians in close relationship with frogs and toads.Their primary living place is the northern hemisphere. They prefer areas close to ponds and lakes. Some salamanders live on the dry land, others in the water but most of them spend their lives both in the water and on the land. This is what being an amphibian involves. From the 500 known salamander species the vast majority is at high risk of becoming extinct because of pollution and loss of habitat. Salamander Facts You Should Know Salamanders can have different size. The 1.1 inches long minute salamander is the smallest one, while Chinese giant salamander, with its length of 6 feet […]

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budgerigar parrot

Favourite Pet Parrot: the Budgerigar

My very first pet was a happy budgerigar couple. I will remember their livid feathers and sweet chirping for ever.  As any parrot, they were one of the best pets possible. Why are budgerigars and most parrot species such great companions? Well, they don’t smell, don’t need too much space and they can be kept in the house. A few words about parrot keeping If you’d like to have a parrot and it is going to be your family’s very first pet, you should probably start with a less sensitive species. You could get a budgerigar or a nymph parrot, for instance.  They are both endemic to Australia but are more and more widely spread as pets all around the […]

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Should You Buy a Rabbit?

Whenever you decide to get a new pet, you have to ask yourself a few questions. Does it fit my lifestyle? Can I afford to take care of it? What species would be the best for me? Once you managed to answer these questions, you are ready to get a new friend. Till then you might need some help. Do you? Read this article and find out whether a rabbit is the best choice in your case. Some rabbit facts to consider your rabbit will be a sociable creature, curious about everything and everyone around it; it will love to play. You should give it some boxes, balls, baskets, anything it can chew on. As all the other rodents, rabbits […]

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dogs have feelings

Dogs have feelings, too

Dogs have feelings, according to a study conducted by a neuroeconomics professor of Emory University, Atlanta. This study have shown that dogs have similar feelings to those of people. These findings could change the way these pets are looked at and treated. The study proving that dogs have feelings Professor Gregory Burns has made a series of MRI scans on his dog. At first, his aim was to find out how dogs’ brain worked. He asked for some help from Mark Spivak, who trained the dog to lie still in the MRI machine. Otherwise, he would have had to do the scans under anesthesia, in which case he wouldn’t have been able to observe the dog’s brain activity. After months […]

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dogs vs cats

Dogs vs. Cats, Part II: Dog People Say

Are you crazy about dogs? Or do you prefer cats? These are questions most of us know the answer to without any hesitation. Whichever the case is, we can bring just as many arguments to both sides. A survey has shown, though that 74% of people preferred dogs over cats. Lets see these people’s arguments. Advantages of owning a dog, drawbacks of having a cat 1. Dogs will tilt their heads and try to understand your every word. Cats, on the other hand, will just choose a good nap over you. 2. Cats look ridiculous on a leash. (See here why they still need to go for a walk.) 3. When you get back home, your dog will great you […]

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dogs vs cats

Dogs vs. Cats, Part I: Cat People Claim

Are you a dog person or rather a cat-holic? Whichever category you fit into, I’m sure you have your good reasons. A study involving 200 people concluded that individuals who preferred dogs were more extrovert, while those in favour of cats proved to be more independent. People have been asked about their personalities and the pet species they owned. The study showed that these persons’ personalities were similar to that of their pet’s. Wherever you go, you will always find people on both sides. Lets see what those in favour of cats think. Pros of having a cat, as opposed to owning a dog 1. Cats will use their litter box whenever they need. Dogs, on the other hand, need […]

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lions animal nature predator

Lions, getting closer and closer to extenction

Lions have been and will always be symbols of power and life. They seem to be in some trouble, though, and that’s definitely because of us, humans: they are close to becoming extinct. According to a conservationist, in 1950, the year he was born in, there were 450.000 lion. Today, merely 60 years later there are only 20-30.000. That is 95% less. Lion sacrifice has a number of reasons: trophy for hunters, disappearance of their natural habitat, killing them as a revenge for the cow loss and poaching for the bone black market. It is kind of a miracle this species managed to survive despite the numerous pesticides, guns and traps people use to catch them. However, it raises a […]

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